Thursday, January 5, 2012

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This recipe is a no-brainer - but hey - sometimes when we are hungry and can't think of things to make we need a no-brainer!

Get a ready to make soup mix for broccoli/cheddar soup.  If you live in Green Bay like I do - we get the one from the U-Bake store on Military Ave.  It is a soup mix for brocolli/cheddar/rice soup.  Otherwise there are some soup mixes in the grocery store that will work as well.

We make that according to the directions and add fresh cut up broccoli.  Yummo!  Have it with some fresh warm rolls and you have a delicious dinner.

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  1. I love the Bear Creek soups...the broccoli cheddar one is our fave. They go on sale 2/$5. One bag is enough for the 6 of us if I make biscuits with it, so a very affordable dinner option! :) Thanks, Becky!