Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pancakes and French Toast

So I have to say that I have been following our monthly schedule of meals.  ( It's only been 6 days though ) !

This morning I made 6 batches of egg-less pancakes from scratch.  My son is allergic to eggs so that is why I make them egg-less.
  Anyway, I have a nice big electric griddle that cooks them 6 at a time, so it goes pretty fast.
After I make the egg-less pancakes, I use our same griddle to make a couple of batches of french toast.
If you'd like the recipes I use, leave a comment and I'll post them for you!

Then we freeze them like this - 12 to a bag.   If you plan on using them during the week, you can just refrigerate them as well.

 I pull them out the night before we are scheduled to have pancakes for breakfast and then we re-heat them either in the toaster or the microwave.  Makes for a great easy breakfast for the kids before they head off to school.

It's been a nice fall day to warm up the house while cooking this morning.  It's a big chilly outside - bout 42 degrees Fahrenheit.  And what is better than a chilly morning with a warm breakfast and full tummies.  :)

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